Why Would I Verify Watchlist Mentions?

Verification is the process by which users validate, edit and categorize Watchlist Mentions. Through Verification, users can certify that a Mention is true. Additionally, they can edit the duration and transcript, add an ISCI Code, and assign a Spot Type, which provides for enhanced filtering options. 

How to Verify a Mention

Click the Three Dot Action Menu on the Mention and select Verify:

This will open the Edit Mentions modal. The Mention will be located within the yellow text. Click the arrows at the top or bottom of the transcript to extend the media and transcript:

When you are prepared to trim, select the text you wish to include. Click the Trim Selected Text button that appears at the bottom:

If you wish to trim further, use the toggles on either end of the Media Player timebar: 

Next, categorize the Mention by filling in the various fields on the right side of the modal. These include Name/Title, ISCI Code, Spot Type, and Verification Status. Click Save & Close to save your progress.

Additionally, the Mention status can be easily managed in Mention View by clicking on the Status icon:


  • While not required, adding a Verification Status during the Verification process provides the user an easy way to identify which Mentions have been edited. It can also be used as a filtering tool later on.
  • While also not required, adding a Spot Type during the Verification process affords the user a powerful filtering tool later on. 
  • After Verification, users can reset their Mention by reopening the Edit Mentions modal and clicking Reset Mention at the top-right corner of the transcription box.
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