Why Perform a Multivariate Search?

A Multivariate Search enables you to simultaneously search against a variety of cognitive engine results to locate media. This is especially helpful when searching through video. Combining searches of faces, logos, objects, text, and transcription empowers users to quickly pinpoint relevant media. 

How to Perform a Multivariate Search

1. To perform a Multivariate Search in the Discovery App, start by determining what media you would like to locate. For example, you would like to find Mentions where Anderson Cooper appears on screen and healthcare is being discussed.

Click on the Search Bar. The default engine category selected is Transcription, so you can start by entering your keyword. For example, “healthcare”. Then click Add. Results in which the word “healthcare” is found in the transcription will populate:

2. To add the second Search Term, select a different engine category. In this case, we want to find Mentions where Anderson Cooper appears on screen, so we would select the Face Engine Icon. Begin typing the name of the person you are searching for. For example, “Anderson Cooper”. As you type the name, the available faces to select will begin to populate in the picklist below the Search Bar. Once your desired option appears, click on the face, then click Add to add it to the search:

3. The Search Results will contain only Mentions where “healthcare” is found in the transcription and Anderson Cooper’s face appears on screen:


  • Boolean Search can provide even more opportunities to pinpoint your search. Read the Help Article for more information.
  • To search for faces outside of Veritone’s Libraries, contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss adding to your organization’s Face Library.
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