What are Watchlist Analytics?

Analytics is a Discovery App feature that enables users to track trends and access dynamic visual reporting on Watchlist Mentions. If your Organization has an active Nielsen subscription, you will have access to dynamic reports reflecting Nielsen Impressions data. 

For radio reporting, the reports are based on areas measured by both PPM and Radio Diary methodologies. The data is drawn from the most recent National book for Persons 12+. Audience estimates reflect listening in Diary‐measured areas of the station’s home market and market spill.

Why Use Analytics?

Analytics provide visibility into how your organization delivers advertiser campaigns, trending topics, event coverage, or anything broadcasted on-air that is tracked by Watchlists

Impression Analytics provide a visualization of your media’s audience reach through graphs and charts broken out by date, day of the week, program, media type, age demographic, and gender demographic:

Mention Analytics provide a visualization of Mention volume broken out by date, day of the week, program, and media type:

Quickly and easily generate a PDF of each individual or all graphs and charts usable in reports to demonstrate your reach, delivery, or over-delivery to clients:


  • Create a campaign recap by generating Impressions and Mentions Analytics PDF reports, exporting Watchlist Mentions, and creating a highlight reel of Mentions compiled in Collections.
  • Highlight data within the Watchlist parameters by selecting the Watchlist, then adding Filters in the Filter Panel before viewing the Analytics Tab.
  • Provide a comparison between multiple campaigns by selecting multiple Watchlists before viewing the Analytics Tab. Graph and chart metrics will overlap enabling you to highlight campaign delivery and overdelivery.
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