Mention Trimming Enhancements

We're excited to introduce some enhancements that make it easier to trim and share your mentions captured in Veritone Discovery. Previously, the ability to trim mentions was only available with mentions that were saved to a watchlist. In addition, trimming a mention required navigating to the transcript and working directly in the text. Now, we've added the ability to edit mentions found in your search results — even if they're not part of a watchlist. And with the new Timeline Editor tool, you can quickly identify hits, use click and drag functions to trim your mentions, playback the trimmed clip, and then download it to your computer to share it with others.  

a. A thumbnail displays above the timeline for files with video content. Files that are
   strictly audio-based will only show the Timeline Editor tool.
b. Play: Plays back the mention from the time indicated by the Playback Bar.
c. + : Adds 30 seconds to the beginning of the mention.
d. Playback Bar: Sets the starting point for audio/video playback.
e. Mention Hit: Hits identified in the mention display in yellow.
f. + : Adds 30 seconds to the end of the mention.
g. Left Trim Arrow: Indicates the starting point of the trimmed mention.
h. Mention Time Metadata: Displays the Total Duration, Trim Start Time, and Trim End
of the mention.
i. Right Trim Arrow: Indicates the ending point of the trimmed mention.
j. Trim and Download: Saves the trimmed mention to your computer.

To Trim a Mention Using the New Timeline Editing Tool

Find the mention you want to trim by performing a search or viewing a watchlist. Click the vertical ellipsis on the right of the mention and select Trim from the drop-down menu. The Timeline Editor tool opens.

  1. If desired, click + on the left or right of the timeline to add 30 seconds before or after the mention. Note: If additional time cannot be added, the + will be disabled.

  2. Click and drag the left Trim Arrow to where you would like the mention to begin. Note: It's recommended to add 5–10 seconds before and after the mention hit to give appropriate context to the mention during playback.  

  3. Click and drag the right Trim Arrow to where you would like the mention to end. 

  4. To play back the trimmed mention, drag the Playback Bar to the start of the mention and click the Play button above the timeline.

  5. If necessary, make additional adjustments to trim the mention. When finished, click Trim and Download. The trimmed mention is downloaded to your computer.

Additional notes:

  • Editing and downloading a mention will not modify the original mention in Veritone.

  • Mentions that are trimmed and downloaded using the Timeline Editor will not be saved in Veritone.

  • If a mention contains multiple hits, each hit must be edited and downloaded individually. 

  • Download times may vary based on the length of the mention. 

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