After many months of hard work from the entire Veritone team, we’re excited to roll out enhancements to Veritone search. This update focuses on our commitment to provide an improved user experience with faster and more reliable searches plus an updated, simplified look and feel of the top search bar in Discovery and CMS. 

Here are a few highlights of what’s included in the update: 

  • Redesigned search bar with simplified look and feel

  • Addition of AND/OR logic allows you to combine terms and limit, widen, or define your search

  • Search across multiple engine categories

  • Easily edit search options 

  • Create search term groupings to prioritize search processing order 

  • Search processing occurs as you construct your query 

  • All updated features are available in Veritone Discovery and CMS applications

The search experience in Veritone CMS and Discovery has been revamped with an updated search bar design and options that get you to the information you need more quickly and easily. With these updates come a number of benefits, including improved usability, faster and more reliable searches, and the highly anticipated implementation of AND and OR logic. This type of search enables you to concurrently create complex queries and perform a search of multiple terms across several cognitive categories. In addition, all search features are available across both applications, allowing you to cross-search between apps to find matching files in CMS and mentions in Discovery.

New Search Bar Design

The updated search bar is located at the top of the Discovery and CMS home pages. We wanted to focus on simplifying and expanding the functionality of the search bar without completely changing the experience, so although the look has changed, it works a lot like the search bar you’re already familiar with. 

The biggest modification was relocating the cognitive engine icons to a separate panel to increase the usable space for constructing search queries. To access the icon panel, simply click anywhere inside the search bar. 

To help you get the most out of search, we added advanced logic that allows you to combine words and phrases using AND and OR. This type of search helps specify what it is you want to find and determines whether you’d like to make your search more specific (by using AND) or less specific (by using OR). 

a. Click anywhere in the search bar to access the new icon panel. 

b. You can filter by engine category, enter your search term, and your results will display as you go. Choose a cognitive category to view the available search options, such as selecting a date and time, entering keywords, selecting objects, or pinpointing longitude and latitude on a map.

c. Some engines include an Exclude option that returns search results that do not include specific words. 

Add any combination of search criteria across multiple categories to build a query to suit your needs. Your search begins processing as soon as the first element is added to the query, and results immediately display in the background. All of your search terms, phrases, and other query elements display across the top search bar and are joined by the AND operator.  

Edit Your Search Criteria

Advanced editing options allow you to change query elements on the fly and without ever leaving the search window or refreshing the page. As your query is modified, the results automatically update to reflect the criteria changes.

a. Select a search term to open options to edit, delete, or even insert a new term to the left or right. 

b. You can also change the AND/OR options or group multiple words together to provide greater clarity and prioritize the order in which the words in your query will be searched. (Grouped terms are searched first.) 

Want to learn more?

We're excited for you to start using these new features and take advantage of the value they add! If you’d like to take a deeper dive and learn more details, click on the links below to check out our instructional video and how-to articles. 



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