Veritone Search allows you to quickly and easily find your organization’s mentions in Discovery and uploaded files in CMS.

In this article:

  • Essential Search Techniques

  • Navigating the Search Bar

  • Editing a Search Query

Essential Search Techniques

Use Keyword Search to find transcribed audio and video content in the Veritone platform. 

Keyword Search using OR Logic

Run multiple Search Terms at once to find all mentions where at least one search term is present.

Keyword Search using AND Logic

Using AND logic in Search enables users to find multiple Search Terms within the same context or media file.  

Search by Time

Search By Time uses time as the primary search parameter to find audio and video content. The user enters a time range, defined in hours and minutes, to generate search results.

Click anywhere in the top search bar of Discovery or CMS to access the icon panel features and options. All category icons available on your account will display inside the panel.

A. Category options that allow you to narrow your search display on the right of the panel. By default, Search by Keyword auto-populates as the search category. These include options to search by a specific cognition category (e.g., Search by Object, by Time, or by Tag). Hover over an icon to view the search category name.

B. Click an icon to read a description of how the search will be performed and view category input options.

C. Entered query elements display in the search bar. Click an item to open options to Edit, Delete, or Add a Term to Left/Right

D. AND and OR operations display between query elements. Click to open options to change the operation type or Add a Term to Left/Right.

E. Search automatically begins as items are added to your query, and results display in the background.

Edit a Search Query

Changes can be easily made from within the search bar to modify items in your search query, including the AND and OR operators. 

1. Click the item in the search bar you’d like to change. A list of editing options opens. 

2. To edit a search term/item, select one of the following drop-down options: 

  • Edit: Open the icon panel and make changes to the search term in the same category or change the category and enter a new term. Click SAVE or REPLACE, or press Enter on your keyboard when finished. 

  • To Delete: Remove the item from the search query. Alternatively, click the X on the right of the search element to delete it. 

  • Insert Search Term to Right/Left: Open the icon panel and enter information to add a search term directly to the right or left of the selected search element. 

3. To change a joining operation, select one of the drop-down options: 

  • AND/OR: Choose a different option to join your search elements. 

  • Insert Search Term to Right/Left: Open the icon panel and enter information to add a search term directly to the right or left of the selected search element.

Changes are immediately applied and search is performed based on the updated criteria.

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