The Veritone Team is excited to roll out enhancements to the Veritone Discovery application Search and Watchlists. This update focuses on our commitment to listening to customer and user feedback for an improved user experience.

Here are a few highlights of what’s included in the update: 

  • Saved Search Profiles -  save your defined searches and allow your team members to use those same search profiles  

  • One Click Watchlist Creation - quickly and easily set up your watchlist from your defined search

  • Weekly Watchlist Alerts - customize Watchlist alerts and receive weekly Mention roll ups via email

Saved Search Profiles & Load Saved Search Profiles

Whether you are verifying ad campaigns for a customer or searching surveillance footage for persons of interest, it often occurs that you or your colleagues have the need to repeatedly search your media for something specific. In other words, there can be common interest or frequency to find the same thing within your organization. With that in mind, the ability to save and load frequently used search criteria is a huge benefit that has been absent from Discovery until now.

User feedback encouraged us to develop an easy way for customers to save their search queries for future use. These ‘Saved Search Profiles’ are accessible from the Discovery Search Bar menu and can either be saved privately or shared at the org level for others within your company to use. To save search criteria input in the Discovery Search Bar to reuse at a later date, simply select the three dot vertical menu on the righthand side of the search bar and click Save Search.

Loading previously saved search profiles from your library is done from the three dot Search Bar menu as well. When a Search Profile is selected, users can preview the search term input prior to loading the Search Profile to ensure it satisfies their needs. Upon selecting Load, the search terms will automatically apply to the search and generate results. Search Profiles can also be saved and loaded in Watchlists. 

Watch the Saved & Load Search Profile short demo below:

One Click Watchlist Creation

Striving for simplification, we’ve enabled users to easily create a Watchlist using their search criteria by selecting the vertical menu in the Discovery Search Bar. This requested enhancement simplifies the watchlist creation process by intuitively applying the existing search terms and filters to automatically generate a Watchlist. 

To create a Watchlist using your set search criteria, select the vertical three dot menu in the Discovery Search Bar and click Create Watchlist. The auto-generated Watchlist is then readily accessible and editable via a notification message in the top righthand corner upon creation or by navigating to ‘My Watchlist’. 

In order to streamline the Watchlist process, Veritone has made the following setting default for the user but can be easily edited to meet your needs:

Create/Edit Watchlist

  • Auto Name: watchlist_yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss

  • Start Date: 90 days prior to creation day

  • End Date: 90 days after creation day

  • Nielsen Target Demo (if your organization has a subscription enabled with aiWARE): None

Watchlist Location

  • Location: ‘My Watchlist’ standalone Watchlist or not within a folder

Search Profile

  • Search Profile: Search terms previously input

  • Verification Status: Pending Verification

Select Media

  • Index: All Media

  • Media Type: All Types (radio, tv, youtube, podcast, all media uploaded to your org)


  • Notifications: Weekly

Something to note, if filters are applied before auto-generating the watchlist, those inputs will be carried over to this new Watchlist.

Watch the One Click Watchlist short demo below:

Weekly Watchlist Alerts

Discovery application Watchlist Alerts are a powerful, built-in notification tool that keep you, your team, and optionally your customers informed when new Mentions are generated from your Watchlists. 

Many of our customers already enjoy the benefits of receiving immediate and daily email alerts, and we’re adding another frequency option. We're pleased to announce the rollout of weekly alerts providing our users with more control to monitor their Watchlist activity. Now, rather than receiving Watchlist alerts every day (or multiple times a day), users have the flexibility to schedule weekly notifications that roll up that week's Mentions to be emailed to them on the day and at the time that makes sense for them.

You’ll find the new Weekly notification option under the Actions tab in the Discovery Application when creating or editing a Watchlist.

Watch the Weekly Watchlist Alerts short demo below:

Want to Learn More?

We're excited for you to start using these new features and take advantage of the workflow efficiencies they provide! Want to learn more?


If you’re new to the Search or Watchlist features, be sure to check out our help articles on conducting a targeted search to find what you're looking for and how to create a watchlist.



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