To get started with Redact, upload a video file from your local system in a supported format. You can either use the file picker or simply drag and drop. If a video is located outside of your local system, export it from the external location to the desktop or a folder on your computer, and then upload it to Redact.

Supported File Formats

  • mp3

  • mp4 

  • mpeg

  • ogg

  • Quicktime

  • webm

  • m4v

  • wmv

  • MIME

To Upload a File

1. Click Upload Media from the Redact homepage. The File Picker window opens.

2. Drag and drop a file from your desktop or click Choose File to add a file from a folder in your local system. Check the boxes in the lower left to run face detection and/or audio transcription in tandem with the upload processing. Click Upload

3. Once the file is uploaded, it will be displayed on the homepage with a 'Draft' status set. Click on the filename to open it.

Note: If the file doesn’t appear after uploading it, try refreshing your page. 

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