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Applying a User Defined Region (UDR)

There will be instances the Head Detection engine may miss a head, and as a result, leaving portions of a face visible on-screen. Additionally, you may have objects other than heads, such as drivers licenses or a notepad that need to be redacted. By leveraging Veritone Redact’s UDR feature, this allows you to manually apply a redaction to your file.

Live Tracking UDR

1 ) To draw a Live Tracking UDR, begin by placing your cursor within the media player. Click and drag to draw your yellow UDR box.

2 ) Once you’ve drawn your box, you can resize it and move it to cover your desired redaction area.

3 ) Double-click inside the yellow UDR box. This will enable Live Tracking mode. You’ll notice that the yellow UDR box has replaced your cursor and you can now move the box freely around your screen.

4 ) Using your opposite hand, select your right arrow key on your keyboard to advance the video forward. You can move frame-by-frame, or if you hold the right arrow key down, the video will play at normal speed. As you advance the video forward, track your object by simply following along with your mouse.

5 ) Once you’ve completed tracking your object, double click the yellow UDR box to save your newly created Live Tracking UDR. You can repeat this process as many times as needed throughout your video.

PRO TIP: If you’re using a mouse that has a scroll-wheel, you can adjust the size of the box while live-tracking.

Static UDR 

1 ) To draw a Static UDR, begin by placing your cursor within the media player. Click and drag to draw your yellow UDR box, just as you would for a Live Tracking UDR

3 ) Once your UDR box is drawn, click into the yellow UDR box, and select ‘Stick to Video’ from the 3 dots in the upper right corner.

4 ) The Static UDR will automatically appear on the UDR Timeline as a new Overlay Group for the duration of the media file.

If you have any questions about applying User-Defined Regions (UDRs), please contact the Veritone Support team at [email protected].

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