Once a job has been initiated, you can check the processing status and follow the progress from the CMS homepage. When a job is in-progress for your organization, the Processing Status option on the left menu displays with a red badge.

To check a job status:

1. Click Processing Status on the left menu of the CMS homepage. The Processing Status page opens and shows a log of all processing jobs for the past 24 hours.

2. Find the filename associated with your job in the list. Each job references a number of tasks that the job must complete. This figure corresponds to the number of engines selected to run in the job and other additional tasks automatically assigned by the system (such as adding results to the search index). The page provides details about how many tasks are currently in each part of the process, including tasks In Queue to be processed, In Progress of being processed, those that Completed processing, and any that resulted in Error.

When the In Queue and In Progress columns for the file show a count of 0, processing for the job is complete. The resulting transcript can be viewed on the Media Details page by clicking the filename on the Processing Status page, or by following the steps described in View a Transcript with Speaker Separation.

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