Why would I share my Watchlist Mentions and Data? 

One of the benefits of creating a Watchlist is that it offers the ability to pull comprehensive campaign reports. By exporting Watchlist Mentions into a report, you can provide a detailed overview of your campaign, including Shareable Links, a date and time stamp, and delivery and impressions data for every clip.

How do I share my Watchlist Mentions and Data?

To export  Watchlist Mentions, along with corresponding data, hover your mouse over the Watchlist name. The Three Dot Action Menu will appear:

Click on the Three Dot Action Menu and select Export from the drop-down menu:

A CSV report will automatically download to your computer’s Downloads folder. Please feel free to customize the report as desired. 


  • The CSV report provides basic Mention details including the Market, Station, Program/Daypart in Columns A-E. 

  • Shareable Links for each Mention are generated in Column F. A Veritone login is not required to access these links. 

  • Columns G-H display User Local Time (the time where you, the user, are situated) and Station Local Time (the actual broadcast time local to the Station). This is because Mentions in the platform display in the UI in, rather than Station Local Time. We recommend deleting the User Local Time column.

  • Column I contains the transcription for each clip. We recommend deleting this column, unless you have a preference otherwise.

  • If your Org independently subscribes to Nielsen, you will also be able to view Analytics for each Mention. These include Impressions in Column L, Gender Demographics in Column M, and the largest Age Demographics in Column N. 

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