Why Should I Filter Searches? 

By applying additional criteria to refine results, Filtering enables users to find and pull content faster. Apply Filters including a Date Range, Program, Station and more to locate your desired results, while filtering out results that are not relevant to you. 

How do I Filter Searches? 

1. Enter a Search Profile to perform a generic search:

2. Apply desired Filters in the left-hand sidebar by clicking on Apply Filters:

3. Deselect applied Filters at any time by selecting “x” within the Filter Pills above your Search Results:

Filter Types

  • Index: Narrow results from All Media (i.e. Veritone Public Media Index results, which includes content outside of your account) to media exclusive to your account by selecting My Media.
  • Media Type: Filter by medium such as Broadcast TV, Radio, Podcast, etc. 
  • Date Range: Refine your search to a specific period of time.
  • Program: Select programming titles/dayparts to narrow results.
  • Station: Select a station to filter results.
  • Market: Restrict search to specific, selected DMAs.


  • If you have access to the Public Media Index, it can be a useful tool for searching through competitor content or multi-market campaigns.
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