Why share Search Results?

Veritone enables users to quickly and easily share Search Results with people outside of the Veritone platform, therefore extending the reach and value of that media.

How do I share Search Results?

1. Find a Search Result to share by conducting any Generic Search:

2. Click on the Three Dot Menu to reveal the drop-down Menu. Select Share:

3. This will open the Share Mention console, where users may choose between three sharing methods: Email, Link, or Social Media:

4. To Share by Email, enter the list of email addresses in the corresponding field. To share with multiple recipients, separate email addresses with commas. If desired, you may also include an optional message at the bottom. Click Send in the lower right-hand corner to deliver your message:

5. To Share by Link, click on the corresponding tab in the console to open. A Shareable Link will automatically generate in the Link Sharing field. To copy to your clipboard, click Copy in the lower right-hand corner. You may then Paste the link into an email, chat or elsewhere:

6. To Share on Facebook or Twitter, click on the Social Media tab to open. Click the tile corresponding to your preferred network to select (users must log into their social account to share). A new window will open with a Shareable Link. Users may input a message here. When ready to share, click Tweet or Post to Facebook:

7. When clicked by recipients, Shareable Links will open a new browser tab displaying a Media Player as well as basic Media Details for the Mention, such as source and timestamp:


  • The duration of shared audio is determined by the Mention length as well as the Padding configuration for your Org. While variable, Padding is typically set between 30 seconds to 3 minutes on either side of the Mention. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to determine your Org’s settings.

  • By default, shared Search Results will not display the transcription corresponding to your audio/video. To enable this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

  • While basic Media Details like Date, Time and Program will display above the Media Player, other details like Nielsen Analytics will not be shared.

  • Recipients are able to play the audio or video in the Media Player without a Veritone login. However, they are unable to download the audio, unless this setting has been configured by your Customer Success Manager.

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