Why would I Trim Media by Time?

Editing media is easier than ever with Veritone’s Trim feature, or built-in editing tool. Users may use Trim to customize the duration and featured content of their selected Search Result prior to downloading or sharing.

How can I Trim Media by Time?

In the Discovery App, click on the Three Dot Action Menu next to your Search Result. Select Trim from the drop-down Menu:

This will open the Trim editing modal. Within this modal, play your Mention by clicking on the corresponding button at the top-left. The yellow highlighted bar above the Media Player timebar indicates approximately where your Mention was recognized by the platform:

You can extend your Mention by clicking on the + signs at either end of the timebar. Each click adds 30 seconds of audio. Click as many times as needed to capture your desired media. Click the + sign on the left to add time from the previous segment. Click the + sign on right to add time from the next segment:

You can further refine your selection using the inward-facing arrows on either side of the green timebar. Click on either arrow and drag in or out as desired. Once satisfied with your selection, click Trim and Download. An mp3 will automatically download to your computer’s Downloads folder:


  • Be sure to click the Play Button throughout the editing process to verify that you are capturing exactly the audio you want (and only what you want)!
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