Why Would I Manually Upload Media in CMS?

Veritone’s CMS App can be used to upload, process and organize Private Media. By running cognitive engines against your media, users can structure and search against their data in ways never before possible. 

How to Manually Upload & Process New Media in the CMS App

1. In order to upload and process media in the platform, you will need to open the CMS App. To do so, upon login, click on the App Switcher at the top-right corner and select CMS from the drop-down Menu:

2. The CMS App will open in a new tab. To initiate file upload, click on the New button at the top-left corner and select Upload from the drop-down Menu:

3. This will open the Upload console. Click Upload Media at the center:

4. A Filepicker pop-out will appear. Either Drag and Drop your file(s) or click Select Files To Upload to choose a file from a path on your computer:

5. Once your media is selected, it will appear as a Selected File in the Filepicker. Click Upload at the bottom-right corner: 

6. This will return you to the console. Click Select All to select your file(s). When selected, they will appear highlighted in blue. Click Next to proceed:

7. This will bring you to the Processing tab. Here, you can select default engines, or a Simple Cognitive Workflow, by selecting one or more Engine Tiles. For example, if you’d like to run default Transcription and Text Recognition, click on the corresponding tiles. When selected, they appear highlighted in blue. Click Next to proceed:

8. Next, on the Content Templates tab, you’ll have the option to apply customized templates. You may also opt to skip this step by clicking Next to proceed:

9. On the Customize tab, you can designate a Folder where you want to save your media (note that this feature is not available in all Orgs). To edit the Folder, click on the Edit Icon and make your selection in the Select Folder pop-out:

10. You can also add Tags in the corresponding field. This can help you track specific media. Note that you must press Enter to apply a Tag (it will appear as a gray Pill when applied). When finished, click Save to initiate media processing:

11. Once saved, you’ll return to the CMS homepage. To monitor your media’s status, click on Processing Status at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar. The most recently processed media will appear at the top of the page:


  • Users have the option to run an Advanced Cognitive Workflow instead of the Simple Cognitive Workflow exhibited above. By running an Advanced Cognitive Workflow, users can choose engines other than the default for each engine category. 
  • If you’re planning to process multiple files with the same engines, upload the files in bulk to save time!
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