What is a Watchlist?

Created in the Discovery App, Watchlists are programmatic searches targeting a designated set of search parameters. Watchlists enable users to quickly access and take action against media processed in Veritone. When search criteria is met, a Mention will automatically generate in the Watchlist Dashboard

Why Create a Watchlist?

Because they run programmatically, Watchlists significantly reduce the need for manual searching, making it easier than ever before for users to quickly access, pull, and share content. In addition to all of the great features afforded by Search, Watchlists also offer users the following features: 

Export all Watchlist Mentions into a CSV file, which includes a timestamps and shareable links for each Mention, as well as relevant Analytics data: 

Access and visualize Nielsen Impressions data in Analytics graphs:

Access and visualize Mention volume data in Analytics graphs:

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