Folders are pre-built workspaces for campaign managers to organize, track, and manage client data in a single, unified profile. Once your Folder is created, you can add individual Advertisers, connect their Google Analytics data, and begin reviewing attribution metrics. 


  • Each campaign manager should have one folder. 
  • Access to Folder and Advertiser content is shared across your organization.

To add a new Folder:

  1. Click New in the upper left of the window and select Folder from the drop-down menu. The Create New Folder dialog box opens.

2. Enter the campaign manager’s name as the Folder Name.

3. Click Create and select an option:

  • Folder: create the Folder and return to the homepage.
  • Folder & Advertiser: create the Folder and open the window to add a new Advertiser.  

The Folder is created and displays on the left panel of the homepage. 

Once your Folder is created, add Advertisers to it using the steps described here.

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