Why Create an Advertiser?

Campaign managers can create Advertiser profiles to efficiently track and measure client advertising performance. When creating an Advertiser, you’ll add basic client information and integrate the Advertiser’s Google Analytics account. Once an Advertiser is connected, their website traffic analytics are piped in and correlated against your media playout sources, keyword selections, or Watchlists. Data insights can be visualized in the Dashboard Suite and downloaded to print or share with others. 

How to Create a New Advertiser:

1. Click the Blue Plus Sign in the upper left of the window and select Advertiser from the drop-down menu: 

2. The New Advertiser page opens to the Advertiser Details tab. Enter the Advertiser Name in the field provided.

You can also customize your Attribute Reports with advertiser branding by uploading an advertiser logo. Click BROWSE TO UPLOAD to upload a logo.

Click Next to proceed to the Invite Advertiser screen:

3. Inviting the advertiser to connect their Google Analytics is the final step in the advertiser setup process. Enter the email address for your advertiser contact who is the owner of the Google Analytics account.

You have the option to add a personal message or you can opt to use the default message.

To send the invitation, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Done:

After clicking Done, you will be taken to the Dashboard Suite where you can view campaign analysis once the advertiser has connected their Google Analytics data.

Navigate to the Manage Connections page to view connected advertisers, invited advertisers who have not completed the connection process, and disconnected advertisers:

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