Attribute gives you the flexibility to export dashboard analytics straight to a PowerPoint or PDF presentation-ready report in just a few clicks. Reports are built using the information in your dashboards to create defined sections with titles, date ranges, and chart/graph/table data as it appears in Attribute. Customization options allow you to include your contact information or filter out specific content to present only the relative metrics. Reports download in real time to your local computer system to print, analyze, and share the data. 


  • Any checkbox items toggled off in Placement Analytics and Creative Analytics tables will be reflected in the report. Checkboxes can be re-selected or unselected from directly within the report window. 
  • The table sort by column feature is not exportable. The order of a table can be modified and viewed in the report window, however the original table order will restored when downloaded.  

PDF Downloads

  • A PDF report shows aggregated data for each section in static tables and charts. 
  • The hover functionality used in the Attribute UI is not available in PDF reports.

PowerPoint Downloads

  • You can customize the view of a downloaded PowerPoint report by editing text, resizing or removing chart images, adding your company logo/branding, etc. 
  • Dashboard charts include hover functionality that allow you to view specific data point metrics.
  • Because PowerPoint does not currently support heat map graphics, the Web Analytics Total Visits by Day of Week metrics will be exported as a plain text table.

Generate a Report

Personalize the report with your business contact data and a custom note. 

Note: These fields are optional. If left blank, general contact information for your organization and default note text will be applied. 


Your Contact Info

a. Enter your name, email address, and phone number. 

b. Add a custom message to share instructions or other information about the report. 


  • An option to preview your note text is not available. 
  • The note text displays at the top of the title page of a downloaded report. 
  • The following standard message displays if a custom note is not entered: “Please review the included report and get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thanks!”

c. Preview the information you enter at the top of the report page on the right. 

Note: When the report is downloaded, your contact information will display on the title page and in the footer of all subsequent report pages.

d. Any checkbox modifications made in the Placement Analytics and Creative Analytics tables will be reflected in the report. Further checkbox customizations can be made directly in the report window. The sort order by column feature is not available in the report view.

e. Use the pagination arrows to move between pages and preview the report.

f. Click Download and choose the report format (PDF or PowerPoint). The report downloads to your local system.

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