What is a Collection?

A Collection is a dynamic content curation feature with both editing and sharing capabilities. The focus and content of Collections are determined by the user, making

them a great tool for pooling, editing, and sharing content both internally and externally.

What can I use Collections for?

Need to share transcripts for in-content reads, interviews, bonus media, or station chatter? Curate Search Results and Watchlist Mentions in a Collection. In the Collections App, you can trim or extend clips, in addition to editing the transcript. Once your changes are saved, users will always read and hear exactly what you want them to:

Need to share content quickly and easily? Add airchecks, highlights, audio samples, and other forms of important content into a Collection and share via email, link, and social media. Enable downloading so recipients can export content:


  • Descriptions: Add notes to Collection clips to help identify, highlight, or contextualize content:

  • Downloading: Enable downloading so recipients can quickly export and save media that’s shared with them:

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