What is Search By Time?

Search By Time uses time as the primary search parameter to find audio and video content. The user enters a time range, defined in hours and minutes, to generate search results. This can be used in addition to keyword search or in a “stand alone” fashion. 

How do I Search by Time?

1. Click on the Search Engine category:

2. Select the Search by Time option by clicking on the Calendar Icon:

3. Click the Start Time or End Time hour, minute, or AM/PM fields to adjust the time. Enter values manually or use the scroll tool to adjust incrementally:

4. Results are listed in reverse chronological order. Clip duration varies and one result is returned for each 60-second interval of time. 


  • Start and End Time: We suggest you limit search duration (time window) to 15 minutes or less. The Search Engine will generate one result for each 60-second interval of time. 

  • Keyword Search: Add keywords to refine Search By Time results. After you create a Search Pill, click on the search engine and select the Calendar Icon on the upper right-hand side:

  • Station Broadcast Time: This option searches all time zones by specific days of the week and time. For example, a search with a Start Time of 9:00 AM and End Time of 10:59 AM PST would find results (regardless of time zone) within that exact time range:

  • Filtering: Apply date range, daypart, and station filters to quickly find content:


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