What does it mean to search by Text? 

Veritone can detect and identify text in a video file using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. OCR engines will detect text in video content and tag it for the index, allowing users to search for words that appear on screen.

How do I search by OCR? 

1. To Search by Text, open up the Discovery landing page, click into the Search Bar and select the Search by Recognized Text icon: 

2. Once you have selected the icon, enter the desired keyword(s) into the Search Bar. For example, you can search for the words “Breaking News”. Click Add to initiate the search:

3. Results will appear. Click on a Mention to play the media or use the left-hand sidebar to Filter results:


  • Results are displayed in reverse chronological order.

  • Timestamps are reflected in the user local time zone.

  • When a Search Term includes more than one keyword (i.e. a phrase), be sure to enclose them within quotations to indicate to the platform that the sequential order of those words should be respected. For example, if you’d like to search for the phrase Breaking News, enter as “Breaking News”.

  • AND Operator: If the user enters more than one keyword with a space between them, the space functions as an AND Operator. For example, if the user enters breaking news without quotes and with a space between the two words, the platform will generate results where both the word breaking and the word news are discovered in close proximity on-screen.  

  • OR Operator: If the user wishes to enter two Search Terms into the Search Bar and return results for either, placing a comma between the two keywords or phrases will serve as an OR Operator. For example, if you’d like to return results for Subway OR Eat Fresh enter it as Subway, “Eat Fresh”.

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