This capability is helpful for quantifying the number of times logos appear on-screen and can be used to verify ad spots for clients.

Veritone can detect and identify logos in a video file using Logo Detection technology. To do this, we run cognitive engines to find and match detected logos against libraries of known logos. 

1. To search by Logo, open up the Discovery landing page, click into the Search Bar and select the Logo icon:

 2. Once you have selected the icon, start typing the name* of the Logo and a picklist of available logos will appear. Select the logo you wish to search for and and click Add to initiate the search:

*This logo name needs to correspond to the name of the logo entity in your Organization's Library. You can access the Library through the App Switcher.

3. Results in which the logo was detected will appear. Click on a Mention to play the media or use the left-hand sidebar to Filter results:


  • Results are displayed in reverse chronological order.
  • Timestamps are reflected in the timezone local to the user.
  • The Logo Detection engine detects and identifies logos in video files. To do this, the engine finds and matches detected logos against a library of known logos. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions about Veritone’s logo library.
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