Why would I search by Face? 

Facial Recognition can be useful for on-air talent tracking, guest tracking, and much more. Veritone can detect and identify Faces in a video file using Facial Recognition technology. To do this, we run cognitive engines to find and match recognized faces that have been trained in our Library App

How do I search by Face? 

1. To Search by Face, open the Veritone Discovery landing page, click into the Search Bar and select the Search by Face icon:

2. Once you have selected the icon, start typing the name of the person whose face you would like to find and a picklist of trained faces will appear. Choose from the list of results and click Add to initiate the search:

3. Mentions including the face selection will appear. Click on a Mention to play the media or use the left-hand sidebar to Filter results:


  • Results are displayed in reverse chronological order.

  • Timestamps are reflected in the user local time zone.

  • The Facial Recognition engine detects and identifies faces in video files. To do this, the engine finds and matches detected faces against Libraries of known faces. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions regarding Veritone libraries.

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