Why Filter Watchlist Mentions?

Filters enable you to target specific subsets of Watchlist Mentions. Through Filters, you can pinpoint Mentions within a specific date range, station, daypart or market. Mentions not defined by your Filters are excluded from results in the Watchlist dashboard.

How to Filter Watchlist Mentions

1. Click on the Watchlist(s) that you want to view Mentions for.

2. Click on the Filters tab at the top of the Watchlist Dashboard.

3. To view the available Filters, click on the tabs in the Filter Panel on the left side of the page. Available Filter categories include Basic, Programs, Stations, and Markets.

The Basic tab contains the following Filters:

  • Media Type: Filter for Radio, Broadcast TV, Podcasts, Private Media, and YouTube

  • Local/National Programming: Filter for local or national programming

  • Date Range: Filter to dates within a specified range

  • Spot Type: Filter by ad unit if Mentions are labeled in your Watchlist

  • Verification Status: Filter by status if Mentions are labeled in your Watchlist


Filter Mentions by selecting from public and proprietary programming:


Filter mentions by station or source. These include both public and proprietary media:


Filter mentions by region:

After selecting your desired Filters, click on Apply Filters to apply your selection. This will filter Watchlist results.

4. To remove Applied Filters, click the X on the corresponding Filter Pills found at the top of the Mention list or click the X on the drain to remove all Filters.


  • After filtering your Watchlist, you can export the filtered results into a .csv file by switching back to the Browse Tab at the top of the Filter Panel, then clicking on the Three Dot Action Menu on the right side of the Watchlist label and selecting Export.

  • The data shown in the Analytics Tab will dynamically update to reflect the filtered content.

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