Why Filter in The Data Center?

Filters enable you to target specific media files in the Data Center App. This tool helps pinpoint Files within a specific date range, station, daypart, or file. It is even possible to filter by the Cognitive Engine that the File was processed with. Files not defined by your Filters are excluded from the results in the Data Center App.

How to Filter in the Data Center

1. To filter Files in the Data Center, click on the App Switcher and selecting the Data Center App from the drop-down menu:

2. Select the Filters tab at the top of the left-hand sidebar. As Filters are applied, your File results will update to reflect your selection:

3. To filter by date, click on the Date Range tab. Select a default date range from the drop-down menu or enter a custom date range in the available date fields:

4. To filter by engine, click on the Engine Type Tab. Check the box(es) for the desired engine(s):

5. To filter by Station, click on the Source tab. Check the box(es) for the desired Source(s). Enter the source name in the text field to narrow the available Sources to select from:

6. To filter by program, click on the Program tab. Check the box(es) for the desired Program(s). Enter the program name in the text field to narrow the available Programs to select from:

7. To filter by File, click on the File tab. Type the Filename in the text field to view available options, then check the desired File(s):

8. Filtered results will generate in the center of the page.


  • Filters can be applied in combination with Search Criteria. Add Search Terms, then apply Filters to pinpoint specific files.

  • To remove all applied Filters, click on the Filter Icon with an X on it. To remove a specific Filter, click on the tab it is located in, then uncheck your selection.

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