Why Clone a Watchlist?

Need to keep tracking? Save time updating your Watchlists by cloning them. Doing so means less clicks to keep monitoring content that’s important to you. This is a great shortcut if your Search Criteria are similar.

How do I Clone a Watchlist?

1. Select a Watchlist and hover over the Watchlist name. Click the Three Dot Action Menu and then select Clone:

2. Edit desired fields and click Save:


  • Use Tabs Instead of Next: Need to update 1 or 2 fields? Save yourself some clicks by using Tabs in the Clone Watchlist Console to quickly navigate between sections: 

  • Manually Enter Dates: Not everyone is a clicker. If you rather avoid using the date picker tool, simply click on the Start Date or End Date fields to enable manual entry. Use your keyboard to punch your dates in and keep it moving: 

  • Remember Folder Location: Most users update the Watchlist Location when cloning Watchlists. Give this tab a second look before saving your work. You might just lose it in a folder:

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