Why Use Bulk Tagging in CMS?

Veritone’s CMS App can be used to upload, process, and organize your media. Within the CMS App, if you are processing your media with facial detection engines, the Bulk Tagging tool may save you time by enabling you to tag multiple thumbnails of the same person at once.

How to Use Bulk Tagging

After your media has been processed through a facial detection engine, go to the CMS App to locate the content you want to tag.

Once the CMS App loads, select the media you want to tag from the results that are displayed. Once the asset opens, navigate to the Face Detection results.

After your Face Detection results load, you will notice a pencil icon above the face thumbnails to the right. Select this icon to enable the Bulk Tagging feature.

Once Bulk Tagging is enabled, you can now select, group, and name unknown faces.

Once you've selected one or more unknown faces, three icons appear above the thumbnails that show the available options to use while in Edit Mode.

Add Images to An Existing Person - If the face you want to tag already exists in a Library, use this option. 

Note: From this feature, you cannot add to libraries that your account owns and has access to modify.

After selecting the icon, begin typing the name of the person to tag in the dialog box that appears. Matches will appear as you type ahead. Once you locate your match, select the name, then select Next.

At this point you can choose to assign the selected thumbnail(s) to this person in the library for future use. You can also deselect them. Once you've made your selection, choose FINISH to finish assigning the person to the image.

Create a New Person - If the face you want to tag has not been added to your Library, use this option.

Note: From this feature, you can only add new people to libraries that your account owns and has access to modify.

After selecting the icon, type the name of the person to tag. Ensure you have chosen the correct library from the Choose Library dropdown list. Then select SAVE. 

Select or deselect the thumbnails you would like to save for this person in the Library. Then select FINISH to save your work.

Delete Face Detection -  If you want to delete an unknown face because you do not want to keep a result or because it is a false positive, use this option.

Be aware that while in Edit Mode if you hover over a thumbnail with your mouse, a trash can icon will appear for you to Delete a mention with one click.

Once you have tagged all desired mentions, you must select the SAVE button to save work. If you do not select SAVE, your changes will not be saved.

After you have saved your work, any face tagged will now appear in the Face Recognition tab instead of the Face Detection tab.

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