When head detection processing is complete, sort through the thumbnail images in the panel and select which ones you want to redact. Select all is an option as well. A thumbnail checkbox for a detected head must be selected for the redaction mask to display in the video. 

Auto-detected heads are boxed in green and use a light transparency. The boxed area represents the area that will be obfuscated once the video is processed for redaction. 

Note - Masks placed by auto-detection cannot be resized or moved. If an auto-detection mask is not correctly sized or placed, it’s recommended to augment by adding a user-defined region. 

Each thumbnail image represents a single frame of video that contains a detected head. To advance the video to the specific frame that head appears at, click on the corresponding time segment. You can drag the red marker handle on the timebar or utilize keyboard shortcuts to advance at different speeds as desired,

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