Within Veritone Discovery you have the ability to select multiple mentions from a watchlist and apply various actions to your selections. 

Mentions in a watchlist can be selected individually or across multiple pages to choose the exact mentions you would like. You can then apply verification actions or move these selected mentions to the collection(s) of your choice. 

Page Select:

Using the Page Select checkbox located at the top of your mention list, you are able to select all mentions for a given page. The number of selected items will display on the top of the list. To cancel your selection click the “Back” button located to the left of the number of selected items.

Note that you can select up to 700 items across your selected watchlists 

True Select All:

For Watchlist Mentions that include less than 700 results you are able to use the True Select All option to select all mentions in your watchlist(s). 

Note that option is only available when the number of mentions in your selected watchlist is less than 700 items.

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