Why Connect to Google Analytics?

Once you connect your Google Analytics account to Veritone Attribute, your website traffic analytics are piped in and correlated against your broadcast partner’s spot data. This will enable your broadcast partner to share attribution insights with you.

Please use a Google Chrome browser to complete this connection.

Getting Connected

1. First, you will receive an invite to connect via email. Once received, click CONNECT.

Quick Tip: If the link isn't working, check-in with the sender to see if it has expired. Senders can check connection status and resend invites in Veritone Attribute.

2. A new tab will open in your Google Chrome browser. Click CONNECT.

Note: You will be prompted to log into whichever Google Account is tied to your company’s Google Analytics account.

3. CLICK ON YOUR ACCOUNT and add account credentials or click Use another account to enter alternate credentials.

4. You will be prompted to grant access to the Veritone Attribute App. This will simply enable View Access Only. Click ALLOW.

5. Now you will be able to select your Analytics Account, Property, and View. The options provided will be specific to your account. Click CONFIRM.

Quick Tip: Attribute displays the Google Analytics Account, Property, and View names of your authenticated Google Analytics account. This information gives your partner visibility into what data you decide to share with Veritone. This ensures that you integrate web data that corresponds to your on-air campaign.

You should be all set! Your broadcast partner will receive an email notification once your data is connected. No further steps are needed on your end.


  • The invitation expires after 5 days.
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