Today, we made several updates to Veritone Redact:

New Capabilities

Send files from CMS to Redact

If a user has access to both CMS and Redact, they can now select "Send to Redact" from the more menu on a file in CMS. Once they do that, the file will be available in Redact for processing.

The user can now "Delete" files which will remove the file from CMS as well as Redact or "Unlink" which will remove the file from Redact but not from CMS.

Enhancements to Existing Capabilities

Audio Audit Log Enhancements

Audio audit logs will log the start and stop time of the audio redaction and the user can enter a “Label” for the Redaction and also add a note which would be details. Currently, once the user redacts audio, the note gets automatically created with the copy of the transcript as the body of the note with an empty label but we will change that behavior to presenting the user with a pop up to enter “Label” and “Note” when they perform the redaction.

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