View Matched and Unknown Face Results

  1. Click the case name from the Case Management Panel. The selected case opens.

  2. Click the Processed tab. A list of all processed files displays.

  3. Hover over the file containing the results you want to review and click View Matches. The Processed Details page opens to the Matched Faces tab.

View Matched Faces

1. Click Filter and refine your search options to narrow the list of Potential Matches. To review all Potential Matches without filtering, proceed to step 2.

  • Gender, Race, Hair Color: Click a box to deselect an option.

  • Age, Height in Inches: Click, hold, and drag the left and right ends of the bar to adjust the range.

2. Click Images to view face match results. A list of resource images used to identify face matches from the database displays on the left.

3. Click a resource image to view Potential Matches. The reference image is outlined in blue and a list of Potential Matches found in the selected database(s) that match the Filter criteria displays.

4. Review the details of all Potential Matches (first and last names, booking number, date of birth, and database name where the person was found).

5. To view additional details in the person’s Suspect Record data, click View Details.

6. To mark a person as a Suspect in the case, click Add as Suspect. A green checkmark displays on the individual’s thumbnail image to identify them as a suspect and the person is listed in the Suspects tab of the case.

View Unknown Faces

1. Click the Unknown Faces tab. Faces detected in the evidence file that did not match a person in the database display.

a. The number of unknown faces found with face recognition processing displays.
b. Hover over a thumbnail and click Add to identify an unknown face and include the individual in your People of Interest database. (See next section to learn more.)
c. Thumbnail images of unknown faces that have been added to the People of Interest database appear at the top of the list with the person's name. 

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