The Case Information panel provides a snapshot of case data and activity. This includes details that were entered when the case was created or modified as well as important case metrics, such as the current number of evidence files and how many suspects have been identified. 

To view case information:

1. Click the case name from the Case Management Panel. The selected case opens.

2. Click the vertical ellipsis icon on the right of the primary case data and select Case Info from the drop-down list. The Case Information panel slides opens.

3. Review the following case details:

  a. Case Avatar Image: An image uploaded to represent the case file.
  b. Lead Agency/Department: The name of the agency/department associated with the case.
  c. Address: The location where the crime occurred.
  d. Case Name: The name of the case entered by the user upon case creation.
  e. Case ID: The case number entered by the user.
  f. Officer(s): The name of one or more officers associated with the case.
  g. Description: A description of the case entered when the case was created.
  h. Status: The current status of the case. Options include Active (green), Closed (red), or Archived (black).
  i. Date Created: The date and time the case was created in Veritone or a date manually entered by the user.
  j. Last Modified: The date and time the case was last modified.
  k. Total Time Processed: The total amount of time (in hours and minutes) used to run face recognition processing case evidence files for face recognition.
  l. Total Media: The current number of video and still image files under the Evidencetab of the case.
  m. Total Suspects: The current number of individuals displaying under the Suspects tab of the case. 

4. Click anywhere outside of the panel to close when finished.

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