Uploaded evidence files can be processed with facial recognition to help identify known suspects from your databases. Facial recognition works by scanning the file for faces, creating a resource image for each detected face, and comparing the resource image against people in a selected database. The system then presents a list of possible matches as well as a list of individuals whose identity is unknown. 

Facial recognition can be performed in a number of different way to get the results you need. You can process a full-length file, trim a file to process a specific segment of time, or manually select individual faces in various places throughout a video to be identified. 

Process a Full-Length File

1. Click the case name from the Case Management Panel

2. Select the file(s) to process.

  a. To process a single video or image: Click the three-dot action button in the upper
  right corner of the file card and select Process from the drop-down list. The Choose   Database window opens.

  b. To process multiple files: Check the box in the upper left corner of each file card
  you want to process and click Process at the bottom of the window. The Choose   Database window opens.

3. Select the database(s) to search for face matches. Click the database name, check the box to confirm your selection, then click anywhere inside the Choose Databasewindow to add the database. Repeat the steps to add an additional database to your processing request, if desired.

4. Click Process. The Choose Database window closes and file processing begins. 

The Processed tab opens and a “Processing Evidence” notification displays on the file card. When processing is complete, the number of Results Found displays and potential matches can be reviewed to identify suspects.

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