The trim and process tool allows you to modify the video duration to focus on the exact point in time that an incident occurred. To trim a video, simply drag the trim bars on the video timeline to define the portion video you would like to process. Once processed, the trimmed file is saved to the Processed tab of the case. The original file remains unaltered under the case Evidence tab. 

1. Select the case from the Case Management Panel.  

2. Select the Evidence tab

3. Click the three-dot action button in the upper right corner of the file card and select Trim and Process from the drop-down list. The Process Evidence File window opens.

4. Choose a method to define the portion of the video you would like to process. 

  a. Click and drag the left and right trim bars to set the beginning and ending points of your trimmed video. 

  b. Use the timecode fields to accurately specify the Start Time and End Time of the trim. The timecode is broken down into Hours:Minutes:Seconds.

5. Click Trim. A preview of the trimmed video plays.

6. Review the trimmed segment. Make additional adjustments using the timeline trim bars or timecode fields as necessary and click Trim. (Note: Trim only displays if additional modifications are made to the video.) To cancel the trim and return to the original video length, click Reset.

7. Select the database(s) to search for face matches. Click the database name(s), check the box when it appears to confirm your selection, then click anywhere inside the Process Evidence File window to add the database. Repeat to add an additional database to your processing request, if desired.

8. Click Process. The Process Evidence File window closes and file processing begins.

The trimmed video is saved to the Processed tab and a “Processing Evidence” notification displays on the file card. When processing is complete, the number of Results Found displays and potential matches can be reviewed to identify suspects.

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