The Manual Face ID tool allows you to select specific individuals to identify in video evidence. This option makes it possible to search forward or backward in the video and draw a box around the face of anyone you would like process with face recognition. Once processed, each manually selected face is saved as an individual file and displays its own results set under the Processed tab of the case.

Note: The highest accuracy of matches is achieved when the suspect in question is captured facing towards the camera. 

1. Select the case from the Case Management Panel. The selected case opens.

2. Select the Evidence tab. The case’s uploaded evidence files display.

3. Click the three-dot action button in the upper right corner of the file card and select Trim and Process from the drop-down list. The Process Evidence File window opens.

4. Click the toggle button to enable Manual Face ID. The button changes to blue when enabled. 

5. Use the video playback timeline tools to navigate through the video and locate a face to identify.

6. Draw a box bounding the face with your cursor. For best results, size the box 20–30% larger than the person’s face.

  • Click on the face to add a pre-sized default box. The box can be resized or repositioned using the methods described in the next step.

  • Click and drag to draw a box around the face. Release when finished.

7. If necessary, adjust the size or position of the box.

  • To resize a box: Click inside the box to select it, then drag any of the handles to adjust the size. For best results, size the box 20–30% larger than the face. 

  • To move a box: Click and hold inside the box, then drag the box to the desired position.  

  • To delete a box: Click inside the box to select it, then click Cancel in the bar above the video playback tools. 

8. Click Add. The face is added to the Manually Identified Faces list on the right of the window.

9. Repeat the steps to add any additional faces to identify. To remove a face from the processing list, hover over the image and click Remove when it appears.

10. When all faces have been added, select the database(s) to search for face matches. Click the database name, check the box to confirm your selection, then click anywhere inside the Process Evidence File window to add the database. Repeat to add an additional database, if desired.

11. Each face in the Manually Identified Faces panel is searched against the selected database(s) and saved as an individual file under the Processed tab. 

A “Processing Evidence” notification displays on the file card during facial recognition processing. When processing is complete, the number of Results Found displays and potential matches can be reviewed to identify suspects.

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