1. Click the case name from the Case Management Panel. The selected case opens.

2. Choose a sharing option:

  a. Share all case suspects: Click the vertical ellipsis icon on the right of the primary
  case data and select Share All Suspects from the drop-down list. The Share dialog
  box opens.

  b. Share an individual suspect: Click the Suspect tab. A list of all named suspects in
  the case displays. On the card of the suspect you want to share, click the vertical   ellipsis icon and select Share Suspect Details. The Share dialog box opens. 

3. Enter the email address of one or more recipients.

4. By default, the subject line auto-populates with a standard message and the case ID. Make changes to the default subject line text or enter a new one, if desired.

5. Enter a message to the recipient(s).

6. Click Send. The suspect information is sent to the designated email address(es) and an “Email successfully sent” confirmation message momentarily displays at the bottom of the window.

Sample Shared Suspect Email 

Email recipients receive a message similar to the example shown below. If the recipient is an authorized user of your IDentify account, they can click View Case at the bottom of the message to open and view the full case in IDentify.

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