WiZR camera settings comprise the following:

  • Camera Name The name of the camera you are adding. This name must be unique. WiZR recommends that you create a naming standard for how to name your cameras.

  • Camera URL WiZR uses camera URLs to connect to your camera stream. Similar to using a website URL to reach a website, each camera has a unique IP address and each model has a unique url format that can typically be found in your camera’s user manual or the manufacturer’ website.

  • Customer All cameras must be linked to a customer, this also enables WiZR to know which locations are available for your camera. 

  • Location All cameras must be linked to a location. This enables users to position the camera’s exact location on a map for enhanced incident management. You will need to select a customer before selecting a location.

  • Edge Device This is the name of the local server (i.e., Edge Device) where your camera(s) feed will be processed and, if desired, stored. One server can handle a set number of cameras and sensors. 

  • Algorithm Type WiZR currently has two algorithms: WiZR light and WiZR+. WiZR+ requires users select an edge device with a GPU. For more information regarding the differences between WiZR light and WiZR+ please refer to Appendix B: WiZR Light and WiZR+.

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