WiZR leverages computer vision and IoT data to generate incidents of interest for security and operational efficiencies. Incidents can be viewed and managed via the incident list or incident console. The following diagram outlines the correlation between computer vision detections, IoT data and incidents.

Bounding Boxes

Bounding boxes provide a visual representation of what the AI detected and where. 

  • Color The color of the bounding box represents the color of the zone where the trigger was created. For more information regarding zones, please refer to the zone management section.

  • Symbol The symbol located in the top left corner of the bounding box indicates what AI triggered the detection (people, car, moving object etc.) 

Example: This image shows two zones configured to detect both moving objects and people. The color lets us know that the detection occurred within the orange zone and the symbol and text let us know that the people algorithm triggered the detection.

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