WiZR uses camera URLs to connect to your camera stream. Similar to using a website URL to reach a website, each camera has a unique IP address and each model has a unique url format that can typically be found in your camera’s user manual or the manufacturer’ website. 

Camera URL Steps

1) Find the camera IP addresses by scanning the network with an IP scanner or viewing the device details via the existing camera software

2) Find the corresponding url for the camera model via the common camera URLs list, manufacturer's site or guide or via a camera URL list site

3) Verify whether the camera has a unique username and password - the default manufacturer url should be used if no unique username or password has been generated

4) Enter the URL in the Camera URL field within the camera settings popup modal

5) Enter alternate URL formats if the camera fails to connect 


Common Camera URLs

Axis Cameras

Format: http://username:password@IPaddress/mjpg/1/video.mjpg

Default: http://root:1[email protected]IPaddress/mjpg/1/video.mjpg


Format: rtsp://username:password@IPAddress/Streaming/Channels/102/

Default: rtsp://admin:[email protected]IPAddress/Streaming/Channels/102/

Flur DVR

Format: rtsp://username:password@IPAddress/cam/realmonitor?channel=4&subtype=1

Default: rtsp://admin:[email protected]IPAddress/cam/realmonitor?channel=4&subtype=1

Camera URL List Sites

Note: many of these lists are inaccurate or outdated - WiZR recommends visiting the camera manufacturer's site or referring to the manufacturer's user guide. You can also 


Public Camera

IP Scanners


Angry IP Scanner 

Common Troubleshooting Items

I can't find the IP addresses for the cameras

• Verify the IP scanner is on the same network as the cameras 

• Try to access the IP addresses from the existing camera manufacturer or DVR software 

• Some DVRs will have a unified IP address with multiple channels

The URL isn't working  

• If the default username and password is not working, check to see if a unique username or password has been generated  

• Google the manufacturer and/or model and "rstp stream" or "camera url" to find threads or sites where the url has been listed

• Call the manufacturer and ask for the url 

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