WiZR has 5 different zone types optimized for varying use cases.

Full Camera Zones

Full camera zones are the default zone for all cameras and encompass the entire camera frame view. Full camera zones cannot be deleted, however, they can be disabled.

Standard Zones

Standard zones generate alerts within the designated area. Zoning out the sky and other areas where false alarms can be generated that do not require detection can reduce false alarms significantly. This zone type is ideal for standard detection and tracking ad/product placement impressions.

Directional Zones

Directional zones are zones that indicate an “in” and “out” direction of a person or object. This zone is ideal for tracking entry into a designated area and determining the capacity count of rooms and parking lots. 

Ignore Zones

Ignore zones will prevent any alerts from generated in a designated area. This zone supersedes all other zones and should consequently never be used in an area where a user wants to generate alerts. 

Smart Ignore Zones

WiZR’s patent-pending smart ignore zones are generated to ignore stationary objects that consistently trigger false alarms, but are in areas where you still want to detect people and objects.This enables users to significantly reduce their false alarms while still detecting people and objects of importance within the area. Please refer to appendix C: managing smart ignore zones for more information.

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