Adding a Zone

To configure a new zone, click on the ‘New Zone’ button in the ‘Zone Settings’ modal 


The ‘Zone Settings’ screen includes the following information and functionality:

  1. Camera View with configurable zone  Pulling the ‘dots’ will change the shape to the zone area you want to cover

  2. Zone Name WiZR recommends descriptive names for optimized reporting

  3. Color Unique colors can be used to better contrast against the scene view and discern between zones

  4. Monitoring Start and End Time Sets the start and end time for when to record of incidents for this zone

  5. Algorithm Options Set the type of algorithm used to detect zone incidents:Objects enables Moving Object detectionPeople enables People detectionCar and Truck Beta Enable the beta version of Car and Truck detectionSensitivity This is the sensitivity of the algorithms for the full zone. The default value is 5. A value of one (1) means low sensitivity and will set the algorithm to less sensitivity, meaning it will require a large and clear target for the detection before an incident gets created. If you set the value to 10, the algorithm is very sensitive and will trigger incidents for small and less defined targets.

  6. Advanced Settings  Capability to change the behavior of the zone. The following options are available:Enable/Disable Allows you to enable or disable the zone Timer Allow you to temporarily disable a zone for a set number of days, hour and minutes. This function is ideal if there is work going on in the zone that you don’t want to trigger incidents. When the time set expires, the camera will resume the normal operation for that zone.Directional Zone Toggle this switch to create a directional zoneRedaction Toggle this switch to redact the view of the zone, i.e., the operator will not be able to see what is in the zone (redacted), but that algorithm will still trigger incidents. Use this function when there are areas that require monitoring but contain sensitive data and/or require anonymity.Ignore Toggle this switch create an ignore zone

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