Visual support for image files in Illuminate

The table view and donut chart in Illuminate now display a visual icons and segments for images, when they are present in an org.

Expandable / contractable sidebar

Users can now adjust the width of the sidebar by dragging its right border.  

Ability to add Illuminate-specific configurations

Administrators can now add Illuminate-specific configurations to the configuration section of the Admin App. Specifically, this adds the ability to store access credentials for the Amazon S3 export destination.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Previously, when a user selected an empty folder in the sidebar, the dashboard cards did not update and instead displayed information from the previously selected folder. With this fix, the dashboard will display information of the selected folder, even if that folder is empty.

  • Fixed an issue whereby the shading that appeared when the user hovered the mouse over a folder in the sidebar was the incorrect length.

  • Fixed an issue where the Total Number of Files card did not display the correct number.

  • Refactored various CSS code for optimization reasons.


New Source Table and Enhancements

We have added various feature enhancements to the Source Table in CMS to make your life easier and help you locate the sources of your organization. These include:

Draggable column headers for Sorting:
Drag and drop each column header into the dedicated sort row on your table and your data will be displayed in a new sorted order. Simply drag the new sort pill off of the row to reset or remove that sort option. 

  • Sort Column header options also available for Source Name, Created Date, and Updated

Search by Source name:
 You can now also search your sources by name by typing the name into the provide search bar in the top right of your source table.

New Ingestion Job Table and Enhancements:

We have also extended all the new feature and enhancements available in the Source Table to the Ingestion Job table in CMS as well. You can now:

  • Search by Ingestion Job

  • Sort by various Ingestion Job Column headers by dragging and dropping your header into the Sort Row. 

Bug fixes and performance improvements:

  • Bug: We fixed a strange bug in the shared collection landing page that would prompt users to log in when switching from Grid or List view.

  • Bug: Sometimes after authenticating into the SFTP Adapter and viewing your data, various rows would overlap text, all fixed.

  • Bug: When performing a bulk action in Veritone Discovery, Adding to a Collection, and Searching for a Collection name, the save button was not working. This bug has been squashed.


Bug fixes and performance improvements:

  • Bug Fix: For longer transcripts when the user scrolls towards the end of the transcript, user could not see the media file. With this fix, the media file will always be visible irrespective of how far into the transcript the user scrolls down to.

  • Self service redact: During a free trial, the user now sees the time remaining in their free trial instead of the processing time consumed

  • "Accuracy<->Speed" control - More granular control on frame rates for processing. A setting of 1 will produce the most accurate head detection result, a setting of 10 will be the least accurate but will speed up processing. 

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