Notification System

We’ve added a notification system to the top right of the header.  Here you can monitor the status of your campaign edits and any changes that result in data recalculations and dashboard updates.

Notifications include the following four statuses:

  • Preparing: Your edit was received and is queued for processing

  • Processing: The platform is processing your update

  • Complete: Data has now been fully updated

  • Failed: Your edit failed, but can be retried

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Addressed general bugs and improved performance of the summary drill down feature

  • Improved engine logic to handle delays in log data and the classification of live reads


Bulk Tagging

Users can now select one, more or all files in Illuminate's table view and apply new or existing tags to those items.

Filter by Tags

Users can now filter by tags in Illuminate's table view. Upon choosing a tag by which to filter, Illuminate's table view will only display items that have the currently selected tag applied.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Optimizations to the way that tags are displayed in Illuminate's table view.

  • Various formatting and styling improvements to Illuminate's table view.

Need Help or Have Feedback?

Chat with a Veritone team member by clicking on the blue box in the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at [email protected]

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