Data Drill Down

We've enabled the ability for users to gain deeper insight into the topline metrics associated with their campaigns. By clicking into a number within the Placement and Creative Analytics tables, users can see the makeup of their campaign with more granularity and can analyze the underlying data. 

Capabilities include:

  • Drag and drop of column headers for grouping and sorting

  • Export in CSV format

  • Media player for audio and video playback (aiWARE dependent)

  • Exclude function to invalidate data or reassign capabilities to recategorize data

  • Keyboard shortcuts to streamline data and media review

Standardized Header Bar

Attribute, along with the other aiWARE applications, will share a standardized header bar. Attribute is the first of the applications to adopt this design style. Not only will this create stronger product continuity spanning Veritone's application suite, but also enable users to locate items such as Help or Notifications with consistency and confidence. 

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Corrected time zone conversion to station local time

  • Addressed issues with filters not respecting TV stations

  • Improved data controls for Attribute only accounts 

  • Addressed general bugs  

Need Help or Have Feedback?

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