What is Veritone Automate Studio?

Automate Studio is a low-code, Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) application that enables you to intelligently automate manual data analysis processes - all without AI expertise. With a drag-and-drop UI, build AI-powered business processes quickly and at scale to drive product innovation, rapid prototyping and operational efficiency across your organization.

Who is Automate Studio for?

For businesses, technology providers, and system integrators looking to intelligently automate manual, repetitive business processes or introduce cognition into their applications, platforms, services, or features.

Who should use Automate Studio?

The application is ideal for those that implement data analytic solutions for their internal or external customers including business analysts, solution architects, developers, and more. Since the application is low-code, AI and production-level coding expertise are not required.

I’m not sure if Automate Studio is the right solution for me, who can I talk to?

Contact us by filling out this form and our Technical Sales Team will reach out to you to discuss your use case.

How do I get support?

Community Plan holders can chat with our Support Team on the Veritone Developer Slack Community. Business Plan holders will have a support contact assigned to them when they setup their account and can also utilize the Veritone Developer Slack Community.

What resources are available to me?
Need help or have a question? Check out more Veritone Automate Studio resources:

What does Automate Studio cost?

There are two plans available: Community and Business. Users can get start for free with 1 user and free credits for running flows as well as cognitive engine processing. During public beta, Business user licenses are free. To learn more visiting the Pricing section on veritone.com/automate

Where does Automate Studio run? 

The cloud-based application runs in Veritone’s AWS Commercial or GovCloud environments. 

Who owns the flows I create?

While Veritone owns the IP around the APIs, our Real Time Framework (V2F), and any other Veritone Services provided (including the aiWARE infrastructure running Automate Studio) you, or the Organization you are creating flows on behalf of, own the workflows you create in your Veritone Org.

How do I run my flows? 

The Deploy button deploys your most recent changes. Any changes made to the flow while a message is running will not be processed. The Deploy button also enables you to publish your flow as a new build associated to an existing automation engine. This means you can now create automation engines using Node-RED in addition to the existing Docker runtime, and Veritone will handle scaling your flow based on data load for you. Automation engines can be managed in the Veritone Developer application and initialized to run in the Veritone CMS application accessible via the app switcher.

Can I call other third-party APIs in addition to Veritone’s? 

Yes – this is possible in several ways. A simple way of doing this is by using the default HTTP Request node and setting your headers and payload in either a Function or a Change node further upstream.

What is the difference between Node-RED and Automate Studio? 

Automate Studio is effectively a Node-RED instance (server and editor) hosted by Veritone and currently runs in Veritone’s aiWARE platform. Automate Studio provides additional custom nodes so you can quickly create and use Cognitive Engines to automate workflows that would normally require manual data tagging or data analysis of unstructured data.

Can I use nodes and flows from the Node-RED Community and Editor?

Yes – you can tap into the wealth of existing nodes and flows within the Node-RED community and immediately utilize them within Automate Studio. Conversely, Automate Studio projects and Veritone-provided nodes and flows can be utilized within Node-RED Editor projects to intelligently automate workflows. Click the menu in the top right-hand corner of the application and select import/ export for flows or manage palette to add nodes.

How is Automate Studio different than other automation solutions?

Automate Studio is a browser-based application that provides you with intuitive drag and drop tools enabling you to easily design advanced business logic on a digital canvas, without the need for in-depth coding skills. You can connect to disparate line of business applications and deploy automated, event-triggered workflows leveraging cognition and machine learning in place of the manual data tagging required by many Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools.

Seamlessly integrated with Veritone aiWARE, Veritone Automate Studio takes advantage of the AI operating system’s scalable, event-driven architecture and ecosystem of third party and proprietary cognitive engines. You can employ the platform’s cognitive engines within Automate Studio workflows and systematically tag unstructured data with cognitive metadata to automatically trigger events within their business logic.

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