What is the Mention Detail Page?

With the Mention Detail page you have the ability to quickly take actions on the Mentions inside your Veritone Discovery Watchlist in order to view, edit, and collaborate in a single place. This tool can help with the following:

  • View the Transcription Engine output on a Mention

  • Trim the duration and engine output of a Mention

  • Share the Mention externally

  • Trim and Download a portion of a Mention

  • Rate and Comment a Mention

  • Add additional details and Verifications Statuses to a Mention

  • Add a Mention to a Collection

Mention Detail Micro features

The Mention Detail is packed with valuable features, here is a list of some of the popular smaller features on the tool.

  1. Go to Mention: Jumps the player position and engine output highlight to the beginning of the Mention

  2. AutoScroll: Autoscroll the engine output with the player to help you keep track of what is happening

  3. Large & Small Screen Mode:  When viewing videos, you can toggle between a large player experience or small

  4. Next and Previous:  Allows you to go to the next or previous mention


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