Why Create a One-Click Watchlist?

The One-Click Watchlist allows users to easily set up a Watchlist using a defined Search Profile. This feature simplifies the watchlist creation process by applying existing search terms and filters to automatically generate a Watchlist.

How to Create a One-Click Watchlist

1. Once keywords have been tested and Filters have been added, click the Three Dot Action Menu to select Create Watchlist:

2. Select Edit when the notification appears:

3. Follow the prompts in each tab to review and update filters and keywords and click Save:

4. For a more detailed guide of each tab of the Watchlist creation page and how to fill it out, please reference our “How to Create a Watchlist article.


  • As a Best Practice, we recommend that users test search criteria before creating a Watchlist. This will ensure that the Watchlist captures all relevant content while also excluding content that is not relevant (i.e. False Positives).

  • When choosing a name for your Watchlist, we recommend that you include a relevant Tag (i.e. Advertiser, Contest, Segment Name), the targeted media as well as the targeted date range.

    • For example, if your Watchlist is targeting Dunkin Donuts on ABCD-FM in Q4, you may want to name your Watchlist as follows: Dunkin Donuts - ABCD-FM - Q4 2018.

  • To ensure that your Search Profile remains relevant, keep your Watchlist duration targeted. As a Best Practice, we recommend Watchlist duration not exceed the length of your campaign.

  • Note that, by default, Watchlist durations may not exceed 365 days. Please also note that the threshold is contingent on your Organization’s configuration and may vary. Please consult your Customer Success Manager to ascertain your Org’s configuration settings.

  • Target Demos are based on the most recent or current Nielsen book(s) applied within the Watchlist creation process. When a specific Demo is selected during Watchlist creation, Watchlist Analytics data will be returned only for that demographic. If no demo is selected, Watchlist Analytics data will display the total audience number across all demographics.

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