Media Detail Time Enhancement

To help users better understand all the different timestamps associated with their files and their ingestion we have added full support to the info panel of the Media Detail Page. This includes:

  1. Date Created: The time in which the file was created for Veritone

  2. Last Modified: The last modification that occurred to the file in CMS

  3. Start Time: The beginning timestamp that the file was ingested into Veritone

  4. End Time:  The end timestamp that the file finished ingesting into Veritone

Speaker Recognition Library Selection

For files that have Speaker Recognition results processing on them, in the Media Detail Page in CMS, users have the ability to select the Library from the Engine Dropdown of Speaker Separation. This allows you to view the output of each library. This is an important update for this engine category because unlike Face Recognition results, you can not combine the results of two libraries in the same view due to technical limitations.


Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Filter and Folder Panel: On the left panel of Discovery, when users would resize their browser window, the folder and filter panel would not render properly. 


Bug fixes and performance improvements

  1. Video Mentions were playing as audio on the shared collection page, this is all fixed

  2. On new collections, sometimes the collection thumbnail would not display on the page, this bug has been squashed 

  3. On the Share Mention and Collection pop up on the Collections application, when users would change the settings of their share page, they could not immediately update the Share Link without closing the popup.

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